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Urania Version History

English language version

You are granted FOR FREE a license of Urania LiTe, for non-commercial purposes only.

Urania Trial v.1.118 (licence valid until November 26th, 2017) + freeware Lite 1.93

(published 2017-08-27):
- trial extension

Urania Trial v.1.117 (licence valid until August 28th, 2017) + freeware Lite 1.93

(published 2017-05-28):
- trial extension

Urania Trial v.1.116 (licence valid until May 25th, 2017) + freeware Lite 1.93

(published 2017-02-14):
- trial extension

Urania Trial v.1.115 (licence valid until February 14th, 2017) + freeware Lite 1.93

(published 2016-09-12):
- trial extension

Urania Trial v.1.114 (licence valid until September 15th, 2016) + freeware Lite 1.93

(published 2016-06-14):
- trial extension

Urania Trial v.1.113.1 (licence valid until June 15th, 2016) + freeware Lite 1.93

(published 2016-02-27):
- trial extension

Urania Trial v.1.112 (licence valid until March 12th, 2016) + freeware Lite 1.93

(published 2015-12-06):
- trial extension

Urania Trial v.1.111 (licence valid until December 12th, 2015) + freeware Lite 1.93

(published 2015-09-06):
- trial extension
- Part of Fortune computation customization

Urania Trial v.1.110 (licence valid until September 6th, 2015) + freeware Lite 1.93

- trial extension

Urania Trial v.1.109 (licence valid until May 2nd, 2015) + freeware Lite 1.93

- trial extension

Urania Trial v.1.108 (licence valid until January 31st, 2015) + freeware Lite 1.93

- trial extension

Urania Trial v.1.107 (licence valid until December 1st, 2014) + freeware Lite 1.93

- trial extension

Urania Trial v.1.106 (licence valid until August 27th, 2014) + freeware Lite 1.93

- trial extension

Urania Trial v.1.105 (licence valid until May 25th, 2014) + freeware Lite 1.93

- trial extension

Urania Trial v.1.104 (licence valid until January 26th, 2014) + freeware Lite 1.93

- trial extension
- transit searches - seperate aspect set for transits and progressions

Urania Trial v.1.103 (licence valid until September 16th, 2013) + freeware Lite 1.93

- trial extension
- comparison table - option to show chart longitude column and row in table

Urania Trial v.1.102 (licence valid until May 20th, 2013) + freeware Lite 1.93

- trial extension
- comparisons chart - new option to show chart info on both sides of wheel
- comparison table - option to show chart longitude column in table

Urania Trial v.1.101 (licence valid until January 21st, 2013) + freeware Lite 1.93

- trial extension
- bug corrections

Urania Trial v.1.100 (licence valid until September 14th, 2012) + freeware Lite 1.93

- trial extension
- bug corrections

Urania Trial v.1.99 (licence valid until May 14th, 2012) + freeware Lite 1.93

- trial extension

Urania Trial v.1.98 (licence valid until January 23rd, 2012) + freeware Lite 1.93

- trial extension
- summer time changes for Sudan

Urania Trial v.1.97 (licence valid until September 16th, 2011) + freeware Lite 1.93

- trial extension
- transit list txt export to trading software

Urania Trial v.1.96 (licence valid until June 5th, 2011) + freeware Lite 1.93

- places database extended
- trial extension

Urania Trial v.1.95 (licence valid until March 5th, 2011) + freeware Lite 1.93

- places database extended
- print chart to bitmap - additional gif file with small wheel only
- trial extension

Urania Trial v.1.94 (licence valid until November 5th, 2010) + freeware Lite 1.93

- solar return chart list movable forward/backward in time from the keyboard (by 1 or 5 years)
- trial extension

Urania Trial v.1.93.3 (licence valid until July 5th, 2010) + freeware Lite 1.93

- trial extension

Urania Trial v.1.93.1 (licence valid until April the 5th 2010) + freeware Lite 1.93

- trial extension

Urania Trial v.1.92 (licence valid until January the 5th 2010) + freeware Lite 1.89

- trial extension
- 6 solar charts on one screen - printing single chart - when bitmap chosen (.bmp), it also saves gif image

Urania Trial v.1.91-2 (licence valid until October the 05th 2009) + freeware Lite 1.89

- trial extension

Urania Trial v.1.91 (licence valid until July the 5th 2009) + freeware Lite 1.89

- India time zone corrected
- option to 'print to bitmap' comparison chart
- print to bitmap single chart size sized down to 800x600
- export/import user towns through xml file.

Urania Trial v.1.90 (licence valid until March the 5th 2009) + freeware Lite 1.89

- 'shifted chart' bug corrected
- tabular ephemerides movable backward/forward by variable step
- summer time changes for Pakistan and Syria
- single chart properties' dialog translated into english, and other minor translations and corrections.

Urania Trial v.1.89 (licence valid until November the 5th 2008) + freeware Lite 1.89

- option for specifying any font and any symbol from it separately for all 24 user objects in .odf config files
- Urania now contains licensed font "Centaurs" by Zane Stein for centaurs and TNOs symbols
- next portion of user interface dialogs (transit hit lists) translated into english.

Urania Trial v.1.87 (works to 05.08.2008) + freeware Lite 1.85

Extensions in astrocartography module, new line types.
Graphical bars transits:
- option 'transits to transits': corrected mercury transits (as sometimes the bar started at the beggining of a month instead of on entering the orb),
- option 'transits to transits': moon and ceres sorting order corrected,
- changed layout for 1 month graphical bar transits vertically,
- bar transits can be displayed for periods longer than 4 years,
Next dialogs translated into english.
Import from ZET.

Urania Trial v.1.86 (works to 05.06.2008) + freeware Lite 1.85

Polish language version + partial translation (main menu and basic dialogs) into english language.
New house system: "Equal from 0 deg of Sun Sign".
New plane "Porphyry" - planet positions in Porphyry houses normalized to equal 30 degrees houses.
Astrocartography maps (ACG+CCG) displayed with TatukGIS(TM) Library.
Alternate wheel forms.
Batch of DST changes for Europe, Asia, Africa and America.
Automatic instalation under Windows Vista(TM) (no more manual BDE configuration change).
New installator working under MS Windows X64 (InstallAware 7).

Urania Lite v.1.79 (Polish language only)

2006-09-22: new house systems: APC, Horizontal, Neo-Porphyry (Pullen), Srebrzynska.

Urania Lite v.1.75 (Polish language only)

2006-04-12: new functions, among them extened rectification dialog, new planet Proserpina (2003 UB313, MPC 136199), summer time changes for Poland extended to the year 2025 with currently observed DST rules.

Special gift for Eastern 1999

Urania Free Edition - Lite (v.
- natal chart and astrology clock!
- the best house system and 15 other house systems making this program the best research tool on house systems!

Download installer in 4 zipped archives, fitting on 1.44" disks:

Disk 1:   1.4MB
Disk 2:   1.4MB
Disk 3:   1.4MB
Disk 4:   1.1MB

or self extracting archive (run the installer program below, and then start extracted setup.exe)

Ue1__07.exe   5.4MB

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